About DaytradingBias.com

DaytradingBias.com is a community dedicated to the world of traders trading forex, index, and commodities. We believe trading, in particular day trading, can be ideally stress free and rewarding both monetarily and intellectually. All levels traders can benefit from the unique trading research and trading tools provided exclusively to our members.

Our Goals (not mission – too big a word for us)

  • To discourage potential retail traders jumping into daytrade without proper investigation into the risk, affordability, and their odds in making it a profitable activity
  • To transform the trading community, retail and professional traders alike, into using common sense approach to daytrading and trading in general
  • Introduce the Special Theory of Price Discovery
  • Providing useful proprietary research information on selected financial markets
  • Introduce methodologies that are simple to follow, and scientific enough for proper research on financial data, be that the building of trading models or the discovery of structural biases
  • Encourage healthy discussions on improving the development of analytical methods and tools for daytrading
  • Encourage successful retail traders to publish their success stories and trading techniques
  • To build a traders’ community that focuses on trading

What To Expect

  • The information provided here are often strongly opinionated as we have strong beliefs in our research accomplishments
  • Research work based on facts, not guess work